In La Capilla de La Virgen de los Vientos Urb.Roquetas de Mar

1ST Roll call: 12:15
2º Roll call: 12:30
The meeting commences at 12:35 with the following points
1º Welcome and summery of the annual activity
2º Information on bank balance, new fees and legalization of the association
3º Future action to be taken by the Association.
4º Presentation of this year’s comity
5º Questions and suggestions

1ª Ximena opens the meeting welcoming everyone attending and goes on to briefly inform of what the association has been doing in the past year.
“After many meetings with the mayor and his staff, We can only say that we have always been met well and they have listened to our problems and they have made an effort to do as much as was possible in their hands to make the Urb a better place.
Although it has taken a bit of time we have finally got the municipality to fix the pedestrian crossings to habilitate them for wheel chairs and baby trolleys. Also the cleaning of garbage bins and garbage areas has improved extremely. Last summer we were getting the main avenues brushed down with water nearly every day. These are small matters but important for residents and visitors.
On the 10the of February we were given written statement of the work to be done in the Urbs before the summer season.
The natural park of Punta Entinas:
The vice Mayor Eloisa Cabrera informed us that steps have been taken together with El Ejido to shut the entrance to the park to motorized vehicles which spoil the virgin areas.

Parking arrangements for summer:
We were shown the plans to habilitate the area behind the los flamencos apartments for parking; always respecting the trees and plants there this is going to provide more or less 400 parking spaces. Also there has been designed a pedestrian walking area from the Neptuno and arena center to the beach without having to walk on the road to the beach front.”
“The green area in front of the Buganvilla apartment is going to be converted into a children’s park area with shade areas with benches and space for older people to.
As we have a written statement we will make sure that they keep their word and we shall be on the look out to make sure that they do.”

Casimirio intervenes as one of our spokesmen
Thank you for been here today, your assistance to this meeting shows us that there are still a lot of people interested in the wellbeing of the Roquetas and Playa Serena Urbanizations.
Approximately a year ago we all got together in this same place to make you participants of our idea and our project. Our illusion was one, to get the Asociacion de Vecinos Urbaroquemar on its feet.
Like we said at the first reunion, the object of the Association was and still is to collect the concerns and points of views on problems and aspects which can be improved in the Urb. Also the lack of essential facilities such as social, medical, sports or cultural. This way we could inform the pertinent authorities being local, provincial or the state authorities.
Well, we can now formally say that our project is a reality, although it is true the we have operational limitations as we cannot count with social premises where we can develop our work, our Association is on the move as we propose , claim and call for solutions to problems which unfortunately are not few.
This work, we do for the best of our neighborhood and the wellbeing of its residents’. There for we ask for your help and support in this difficult job. We want to feel your support!!!
That is why we ask each of you to try and make two new members so that we can present a larger amount of members by the end of the year which will help when dealing with the authorities.
And remember that at stake is the present and future of our Roquetas de mar urbanization and Playa Serena.

2º Toos intervenes as treasurer of the association.
When the association was taken over, there was a positive balance of 1200€ in the bank account. This added to the new members in the year 2011 (402 members at 5€ = 2010€) gives us a balance of 3210€. We must also include the profit of the Xmas festival, which was 1200€ gives us the grand total of 4410€ at the end of 2011.
We have changed bank accounts from La Caixa to Cajamar in Las Marinas ,which apart from being near the Urb, it charges us less service charges (15€ in the place of 36€).You can now pay your annual fee of 5€ at the counter or at any of the events which we are planning for this year e.g., Xmas Festival….
3º Melanie intervenes
After three months of paperwork, we have finally got the Association legally regested and adapted to the new law. As you all know, this association was formed by a group of concerned neighbours which made it their cause to do something useful for our Urb. Well one year later we rotate the comity but with the same strength to carry on, some members leave but others join so the future of the association in guaranteed.
She emphasises on the fact that there is a lack of security and that is going to be one of the most important points to solve this year ,keeping in mind all the other points which are already on the move .Also of utmost importance is the raise in the IBI (local city council property tax) which bay law should be a raise between 0.40 and 1% maximum .For example, in Almeria they pay 0.46 and in la Mojonera they pay 0,66 but here in Roquetas we pay 0.90% which with the raise in the cadastre it is extremely high.

4º Nono intervenes
The following committee was presented for the next year.
President: Melanie Homburg
Vice president: Toos Van Lier
Secretary: Santos Hernández
Acoyuntan: Manolo Rodríguez Linde
Spokesman: Jesús Sánchez Vico, Antonio Cambil ,Antonio Enciso , Ana Belén Zapata , Yolanda García ,Ximena Wonchee, Carmen Quero y Christopher Hanson
It was asked if there was any objection to the new committee and being none, it is approved.

Mrs.Clotilde Ruiz suggests more get-togethers to meet new members.
Speak to ACER to share their office space. That we should ask the pertinent authorities for less and we would achieve more.
More security as it’s deficient. It’s ok to ask for the 061 emergency service but we must remember that we do have the doctors in Las Marinas.
Mr. Joao Gomes Catita Confirms that there is a deficiency in security and that the one way road of Sierra Nevada is a danger as there are drivers who drive the wrong way there and can be a cause of accidents.
Mr Andres Navarro: States that the Town Hall does not want to acknowledge that according to our population we are entitled by law to have a National Police Station in Roquetas.
Mrs Elena Cerrudo: Comments that the notification of the meeting was not effective and that it should be done by telephone or by post. She offers her help for the next meeting to help inform via telephone.
Mr Manolo Navarro: Asks that there should be more waste-paper baskets installed in the Urb. Also that the noise at night should be better controlled.
Mr Jesus Sanchez Vico: makes a call to all neighbours to contact the town hall if they see any problems in the Urb. He thanks the out going committee for its work in the past year and welcomes the newcomers for this year.

Wit this the meeting comes to its conclusion at 14:15